Monday, April 1, 2013

Take time to make time for each other

April is a Couple Appreciation Month and we're all guilty of taking our partners for granted from time to time. As unintentional as it is , it happens. :) Too many things get in the way too often, our work schedule, school, housework, family, or the many other things that we face day to day. It is important to make time and find ways to tell your partner how much you appreciate him/ her and in what ways. If you're up for the appreciation challenge, spend a few minutes every day this month and express a new reason each day. You'll be surprised how this simple exercise changes the mood in your relationship. That's thirty days of expressing your gratitude for each other. To help you get started here are ten basic ones and you can figure out the rest on your own! :)

1. Wake up a bit earlier to sit and have a cup of coffee together before you start your day.

2. Say "Thank You" even for the little things.

3. Share a dessert in bed together at the end of the day.

4. Leave a hidden note to be found the next day with a special message.

5. Write a note on the shower wall or bathroom mirror.

6. Send an e-card or text message with loving words.

7. Plan a weekend road trip just for the two of you.

8. A one-night getaway can bring you closer. Do not over plan, keep it spontaneous and fun!

9. Spend some time with other couples who share your same interest and enjoy the evening together.

10. Start and end your day with a kiss, even when you have argued.
*This one works every time!

Even though April is the designated Couple Appreciation Month, these gestures of love should be practice on regular basis. Remember that a simple "Thank you" goes a long way and will keep your partner happy and your relationship on track.

Here's wishing you a great and successful love relationship,-

Ciao Bella!